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Dave will be starring in three films including House of the Rising Sun, The
Scorpion King 3 & Man With the Iron Fist starring Russell Crowe.

The DVD release of House of the Rising Sun is set for July 19th. Be sure
to get your copy to show your support!

Dave has opened his own gym down in Tampa, Florida called Gracie
Fighter Jiu- Jitsu. It's a MMA style training facility.

Name: David Bautista
Ring Name:
Past Ring Names: Kahn, Leviathan, Deacon Batista
D.O.B: January 18th 1969
From: Washington D.C.
Follow these Rules: No bashing, no fighting and no promoting. Keep everything clean.

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Mini Bio: Dave Bautista is a former professional wrestler in the World Wrestling Entertainment 'WWE'. Batista's debut in the WWE was in 2002. Currently, he is pursuing a career in acting & MMA style fighting.

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